Zzap – remote reading system for energy meters

As announced in the previous articles we are working on an integrated and expandable system for remote reading of different energy meters (electricity, gas, water, heat).

The system is based on the Google Fusion Tables, a simple free database accessible from your Google Drive, where the data collected by the meters will reside. After the creation of the data table you can use the app for Android (in the immediate future will be available only for Android, then we plan to create the one for the iPhone).

The app will allow you to add new meters, view the collected data, access a weather service for the comparison of the energy produced by photovoltaic panels and graphs to display consumption and / or production.

Currently the app is being tested in beta, then will be created the prototype of the electronics to be attached to the energy meter.

We are working hard and we hope to present the product in the first few months of 2018.

Stay with us for more news and have fun with Bits from Italy!

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