Shock Chat

shock_chat_logo_128  The project has these goals:

  1. Cheap system to get data from your mountain-bike

  2. Easy to install hardware

  3. It is possible to manage some of the data from your smartphone

  4. Management of all data from the internet

  5. System gives you hints on how to tune fork and rear shock

  6. Hardware and software are ready for any new shock


Update – 1st July 2017

We got a new hardware version for Shock Chat .. remember it’s still a prototype!

The new version includes a unique container for electronics, internal battery, USB port for upgrades and debugging, more comfortable, to use with gloves, menu knob.

Now we are working on new mount supports for the shock sensors …

Update – 21st January 2017

This is the hardware version 1.0 of Shock Chat. Now we work on software features!

Update – 17th Januay 2017

We are close to having the hardware final version!

Update – 14th January 2017

Today we are assembling the sensors and the buttons to start and stop the data collection


Update – 10th January 2017

We are working hard on the software. At the moment the running features are as follow:


  • telemetry (10 reads per second of front and rear travel plus terrain scanning)
  • chronometer
  • display of sag – front and rear individually
  • SD card management
  • display of date and time
  • version of running software

Next features to be implemented:

  • minimum and maximum extension of front and rear shock
  • possibility to visualize chrono while running telemetry
  • use of bookmarks (possibility of highlighting sections during the measurement of telemetry)

Update – 31st December 2016

We are working on display to be mounted on handlebar. It will support menù for different features and some info:

  • sag
  • excursion working range of fork and rear shock
  • stopwatch
  • file management of data saved

Update – 25th December 2016

First run of Shock Chat with 10 reads per second resolution. Now let’s take a few days off!

Update -7th December 2016

The 3D-printed sensors are running smoothly!

Now we are working on the code to reach 10 reads per second with 3 sensors.

30th November 2016

We have 3D-printed our front fork sensor – YEAH ! shock_chat_sensor shock_chat_sensor_2shock_chat_sensor_3

Thanks to r3placefor 3D printing



28th October 2016

  • We are setting up Shock Chat web pages to support the project – login page is up and running
  • We are working on sensors to be mounted on mountain bike
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