Onda D1800 BTC – we give you some help with the settings in case you use the new Nvidia RTX cards

In the world of cryptocurrencies a large part of the creation of new coins is possible thanks to the miners who are always looking for the perfect setting for their machines.

Those who use video cards to produce coins mainly have two choices: use a motherboard and risers or rely on motherboards with 6, 8 or more slots in which to directly insert the video cards. Among the best known manufacturers of multi-slot cards is Onda, a Chinese company that offers various product variants. Their D1800 BTC card has 6 well-spaced slots to accommodate even the most “chubby” cards and at the same time allow adequate cooling.

Onda D1800 BTC
Onda D1800 BTC motherboard with 6 gpu slots

With the advent of the RTX series of cards it has often happened to miners to have problems in recognizing the cards or even the occurrence of continuous reboots of the machine (a classic example of error is “Rebooting … (GPU problem detected). Check crash logs.
Possible cause: Too much undervolt, overclock or broken riser. “

To help miners who run into incompatibility problems between Onda cards and new video cards, we publish below the photos of the working configuration of our Onda D1800 BTC card with Nvidia 3060ti cards (tested with SimpleMining OS).

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11 thoughts on “Onda D1800 BTC – we give you some help with the settings in case you use the new Nvidia RTX cards

  1. I m surprised as many people are having issues with it – I ve got probably 100+ of them and haven t had a single issue so far. Does it beep when it boots? Prior to the bios being displayed, all of mine beep – so if you re not hearing that, it might not even be making it to the point that the video would be initialized. You might also try forcing it to beep – normally if you boot with the memory removed, that will cause a POST beep to help you identify the issue, no post beep, then the board is probably no good.

  2. My onda 1080 mobo recognize the gpu but don’t let me install the 470.05 driver for rtx 3060 .
    Running win 10 updated also.

    1. Have you tried using Simplemining OS? Just to understand if it is a windows or card settings problem (although I think it is an operating system problem if you tell me that the motherboard recognizes the gpu)

    1. This is a strange thing because I have tried the RTX 3060ti in every slot and it has always worked for me. Did you try with only 2 cards or did you populate all the slots during the tests?
      Did you power up all MOLEX and SATA connectors on the board during the test?

  3. I’ve been having similar challenges with 3070s on the d1800 board. I’ve updated bios and still had issues. But I’ve followed your pictures and now I have 3x 3070s running perfectly.

    I have lots of identical rigs with rx470/rx570/rx580 all 6 cards run OK as long as I disable pcie hot plug. But that didn’t help with the rtx cards.

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