Miner Keeper

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Miner keeper is an integrated hardware/software solution for supervising your cryptocurrency miner. Miners are machines that work 24 hours a day, and it is obviously impossible to constantly check that they are working properly.
These machines also have possible risk factors that can be summarized as:

Miner keeper helps you to keep your miner safe

  • Fire Hazard
  • Problems due to electrical surges
  • Abnormal electricity consumption
  • Blocking or breaking cooling fans
  • Obstruction of cooling ventilation
  • Overheating due to improper heat dissipation

Miner Keeper has sensors and operating logics that constantly, 24 hours a day, keep your valuable cryptocurrency miners safe.

It is always necessary to make sure that miners have adequate ventilation to dissipate the heat produced. Miner Keeper constantly monitors the temperature of the incoming and outgoing air.

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